Legal Debt Recovery Services

Let us streamline your processes!

The professional experience of the Greenlight partners has been centered in the debt recovery field for more than three decades. This advanced skill set brings the expertise needed to help you streamline your firm and increase productivity and profitability not only for you, but for your clients.

A sampling of the many items we can help with:

  • Suit and Default document and media prep process automation

  • Auto-redaction of media

  • Data extraction and document searchability modules

  • Bulk importing of judgment entry

  • Bar code options for return mail, certified mail, scanning, etc.

  • Efficient E-filing solutions

  • Bulk media imports linked to database shortcuts

  • Court cost and other financial database imports

  • Client interface creation

  • Document extraction/conversion/re-naming from your system of record

  • Project management consulting

  • Business and software coaching


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